Roberta Di Rosa

Roberta Di Rosa Tour Guide in Sicily

My name is Roberta, I’m an archaeologist and I’m in love with my homeland: Sicily. The first step of my training path was a degree in Classical Literature at Palermo University, and then I got a Master in Archaeology at Pisa University. I had the opportunity to do an internship at the French School of Archaeological research in Athens and I took part in different projects to improve the knowledge of the cultural heritage in Sicily. I lived and worked in England for a year and I decided to return to Sicily to work as a touristic guide. I started this new adventure with pathos. I got a Master in Economics and Cultural Heritage Management at Palermo University and I took part in a project at the Palermo State Archive.

I’ve always had a passion for archaeology and history, when I was a child I used to make short documentaries with my father. I started studying and travelling abroad to reach a better level of consciousness of how Sicily is seen abroad. The idea of moving abroad for a long time also enticed me, but as an archaeologist, I felt the pull of Sicily and the desire to dig deeper into its history.
It was as if I saw the island through a kaleidoscope, with all its problems, I saw the different faces cast in small panels with all the aspects that Sicily has and I found it amazing! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the landscapes, the streets and the monuments we’ll visit together.

This enthusiasm will be among us and you’ll be surprised by the history and myths of Sicily. A visceral, passionate, fascinating Sicily, that’s how I see it.

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